The Crochet Empire - Jockstraps

I was very lucky to stumble across an amazing concept in underwear design and manufacture, whilst surfing through my Twitter timeline this week. So as interested as I am in my underwear, I just had to know more!! 

So after a chat with the man behind these amazing designs, I am really happy to promote and share with you.....The Crochet Empire.

Here is a few words from Andy, the man with all the talent.

I took up crochet about a year and a half ago as a way to continue some family tradition. Both of my grandmothers worked this way, and my mother is a skilled knitter. I looked to see if a crocheted jockstrap would be possible as a gag gift for my boyfriend. The first one I made came out pretty good and friends were very encouraging. That's where the idea for The Crochet Empire came from. I made myself the first bow tie, and got so many compliments on it the first time I wore it I thought there may be a market for them. I created a Kickstarter campaign in November of last year that was fully funded in less than 24 hours and ended up over 200% when it was completed. 

The Crochet Empire was officially launched earlier this year and is slowly building. Positive reviews and new product designs have really peaked customer interest. It's been really exciting. 

One of the first things customers say when they receive their jockstraps is how comfortable they are. I think most people assume that because they're made of yarn they'll be scratchy, but they're not at all. They're snug, but have a bit of stretch, so they don't feel tight. Guys will feel supported. And a benefit of being hand made is that if a guy is more endowed the pouches can be customized. 

If you wanted to checkout and purchase a pair, head over to 
Based in the USA and ship worldwide.
Follow them on Twitter: @crochet_empire
or you can email them with your enquiry to:

I for one am a fan and love finding new and exciting underwear designs. I think an order is in order!

For followers and fan's of my blog, TheCrochetEmpire has given us an exclusive 15% discount on your first order. Just enter MMUB15 at checkout.

Check out these amazing photo's of some brilliant Jockstraps!


  1. These look great. I saw them on your timeline and was intrigued to know more and now I do so thanks for that. :)


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