Walking Jack Briefs

I am lucky to have found another new brand for me: Walking Jack

This brand started up in 2018 and are based in Thessaloniki in Greece. They offer a great range of briefs and trunks in plain colours as well as fresh, clean and simple designs, that reflect the brand's location. 

I immediately loved the Graphic Sea Print briefs, which are clean and simple with a fish pattern and contrasting blue waistband. I also ordered the Solid Briefs, which are the fuller sided classic style of men's briefs, which I know appeal to alot of guys into tighty whities like me. I was not disappointed at all with my choices. Amazing fit and classic looks and perfect additions to my vast underwear collection.

Take a look at my new purchases below, you can see that I am enjoying them!

Check out Walking Jack website here: https://walkingjack.com/

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  1. Love your new briefs! They look very sexy on you and definitely enjoy seeing you with a hard on! Wow!

  2. You look great as always. I have to check out this brand!

  3. Liking the blue patterned ones a lot


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