Men in Jockstraps

Another style of underwear that is a firm favourite of mine, is the Jockstrap.

The way it holds your junk in place, the way the straps frame and support your ass cheeks, just feels amazing. A jockstrap will always be my choice of underwear to make me feel sexy and for wearing for any fun in the bedroom.

So let's celebrate this amazing item of underwear, by appreciating how hot and sexy they look on men. Enjoy.


  1. I never wore any jock straps until 2 years ago, I just turned 69, love how they feel, I have a personal trainer that helps me with my abs mostly, but also my whole body, have had guys in my 20's want to go out with me, I am in a relationship with a guy who is 48 right now, he loves it when I wear my jockstraps, thanks for listening


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